Caravan blow-out

At the recent caravan and motorhome show we were surprised and shocked by the number of people who told us they had personally experienced trailer tyre blowouts.

Crashed caravan

Crashed caravan

Lucky escape

Blown out tyre

Blown out tyre

One of our visitors kindly sent us this photograph of his blown out tyre. Towing a single-axle caravan, he was completely unaware of a problem until he stopped.  He was lucky that  there was little damage to his van.

Others are not so lucky. A blowout in a single axle trailer almost invariably leads to loss of control, while a  shredded tyre can act like a strimmer and cut through the wheel arch and anything else that gets in the way. We heard of one incident where the flailing tyre  ripped through the wheel arch, severed pipes and  tore out cables above the wheel arch, pulling the cabinets off the wall of the caravan. A total write-off.

Are blowouts unpredictable?

Most people think of a blowout as a sudden and upredicatable  event, but in fact there’s almost always a chain of events leading up to it for some time before it happens. Generally the tyre overheats before the sidewall collapses, and this sequence gives vital clues  that can be detected  in time to give warning well before that catastrophic failure.

Anatomy of a blow-out

Tyre flexing and overheating

Soft tyre flexes

tyre wall overheating

Tyre wall overheats

Tyre wall collapses

Tyre wall collapses and bursts

Advance warning

A slow puncture or damage to the tyrewall can occur at any time. It may not be a major emergency, but  you will be unaware of it while you are towing and it can soon build into a bigger problem.

A TyrePal keeps track of the trailer tyre pressures and temperature while you drive. If a tyre pressure goes outside the safe limits that you set, or if a tyre overheats, an alarm sounds and the display indicates exactly what the problem is, giving you plenty of time to pull over to a safe place and investigate.

The system is easily installed with valve-cap sensors that simply replace the standard valve caps on your tyres. Systems are suitable for all kinds of vehicles and trailers – in fact anything with pneumatic tyres.

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