How TeleTPMS works


TyrePal TeleTPMS system

System overview


  • Standard TyrePal sensors on each tyre measure pressure and temperature.
  • A smart teleTPMS module on the vehicle collects and processes the tyre data, together with location information from an inbuilt GPS receiver.
  • The module communicates with the remote database via a GPRS (mobile phone) network.
  • Data is accessible to authorised users through desktop, tablet or web application.
Remote monitoring - TeleTPMS

Dashboard – Shows an overview of the entire fleet at a glance with any alerts highlighted.

TeleTPMS informs feet manager

Vehicle view shows current status of all tyres on a selected vehicle


TPMS for HGV trailers

For trailers, a smart relay provides an automatic link to the correct trailer

Low pressure alert

An in-cab monitor can be included as part of the system. It uses the same sensors as TeleTPMS