J1939 CANbus TPMS

OEM application

The TyrePal J1939 CANbus TPMS enables tyre pressure and temperature to be continuously monitored via CANbus instrumentation, and is designed for use in buses and commercial vehicles with up to 10 wheels. It is ideally suited for builders of customised vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances, buses etc.

For fleet operators, the TyrePal TeleTPMS system is recommended to provide full monitoring of tyre pressures from the fleet office.

TyrePal CANbus TPMS

The system gives alerts when tyre pressure or temperature are outside pre-set levels or when pressure is falling, such as from a puncture. It provides:

TyrePal CANbus TPMS module

TyrePal CANbus module

  • Regularly updated tyre pressure and temperature readings
  • Alerts if a tyre pressure is outside pre-set limits
  • Alert if a tyre is overheating, indicating an over-stressed tyre – a potential blowout
  • Alert if pressure is falling, such as from a puncture

The system consists of standard TyrePal battery-powered sensors on each tyre and the receiving module that connects into the CANbus. A hand-held reader or a monitor unit is used to program sensors to the receiving module and to set the pressure and temperature thresholds.

Sensors are standard TyrePal TC series sensors installed on the tyres where they check temperature and pressure and transmit the data at 433MHz to the receiving module connected to the CAN bus. Various sensor versions are available for fitting externally to the tyre valve or internally within the tyre.


The system requires engineering expertise to programme it into the host system, so it is appropriate for equipment manufacturer applications. It is not supported for individual retail customers.

J1939 CANbus module specification

Operational Temperature -20°C to 80°C
Working Voltage DC12-24V
Working Current 35mA
Standby Current ACC OFF: 25mA
Transmission Frequency 433.92MHz
Receiving Sensitivity -114dBm
Operational Temperature -20°C to 80°C
Data Rate 9.6K
Modulation Mode ASK
Communication Mode CANbus
Communication baud rate CAN:250Kbps
Size 84 x 58 x 34mm
Protection rating IP65

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