TC215 Heavy Duty System

Tyre pressure monitor
Versatile tyre pressure monitoring system for all kinds of heavy vehicles, including HGVs with trailers.

Highly recommended for applications such as:

  • Fleet applications
  • Buses, HGVs
  • Fire and emergency vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Off road and special purpose machines

It can be supplied as complete vehicle sets or as individual components for special applications. For leisure vehicles such as motorhomes and caravans, please see the special model TC215B, which has smaller sensors, or for heavy haulage, where more wheels need to be monitored, please see details of model TC38.


Versatile options

Tyre data is captured by smart sensors that can be mounted inside or outside the tyres. The sensors transmit pressure and temperature data to a monitor in the cab that displays the tyre pressures in turn and gives an alert for any problem.


tyre pressure monitor on mount

The TC215 monitor can display the pressure and temperature of up to 22 tyres. For more tyres please see details of model TC38 which can monitor up to 38 tyres.

Alert levels can be set for high pressure, low pressure, and high temperature. Clear and distinct alerts are given for air loss, low pressure, high pressure and high temperature.

TC-Monitor bracket mount

The monitor is powered by an internal lithium battery, recharged from the vehicle supply and has a robust articulated mount that can be attached to the screen with a strong suction pad or permanently attached with a screw fitting.

It automatically shuts down when not in use and reactivates as vehicle is used.

Monitors while parked

The heavy duty sensors continue to check pressures once every hour while in the sleep mode so warning of any problem such as a slow puncture overnight can be given immediately on starting up.

Choice of sensors

TCSE SensorExternal

External sensors simply screw onto a tyre valve in place of the standard dust cap. An Integral security shroud prevents them being removed without using a locking tool.

TCSF sensor onlyFlow through

These screw onto the tyre valve in place of the standard dust cap and allow the tyre to be inflated without removing them. A small hex key prevents unauthorised removal.

TCSI Sensor isolatedInternal

These are installed inside the tyre so they do not interfere with the normal operation of the valve. They fit behind the valve, so the tyre must be removed to fit them.

TPMS for HGV trailers

Smart trailer exchange

Trailer exchange

Trailer options include a direct push-button link to connect or drop a trailer, and a smart trailer system that simplifies connection to any trailer in a fleet.

Hand-held reader

A hand held Reader and Programming Tool can be used to set up the system in a fleet of vehicles without access to the in-cab monitors, and it can also be used to quickly check all the tyres on a vehicle or trailer.