TyrePal Solar 4 reviews


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TyrePal Solar 4 reviews — 1 Comment

  1. I bought this as a safety device for my VWT5 van.
    Really simple to install the sensors onto the tyre valves. Took about 45 seconds per tyre.
    I had checked the pressures using an accurate gauge at a tyre shop before installing, reading 46 psi on the gauge, and 46 psi on the TyrePal, good result – even the tyre guy was impressed.
    Set maximum and minimum pressures for front and rear tyres on the monitor.
    Solar is great as you don’t need any cables running across the dashboard. I’ve not needed to connect a cable to it in several weeks. Sticky pad works, I don’t drive slowly and it doesn’t slide about.
    I picked up a puncture while driving, the monitor started beeping as the tyre had gone below the minimum setting on the left rear, luckily near to the same tyre garage.
    Quick stop, tyre repaired, sensor back on and all good to go.

    Super easy to install and use, it alerted me to a puncture quickly.
    Great accuracy, really glad I bought it.
    Would recommend to friends, family and other drivers
    Awesome bit of kit and it works !

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