Avoidable breakdown

Following a tyre failure, a fully loaded agricultural trailer destroyed a rear wheel just outside the TyrePal office yesterday. The driver had been unaware of the problem until the tyre was completely destroyed and came off the wheel.

Agricultural trailers are particularly susceptible to punctures and blow-outs because of the seasonal nature of their use during the busy harvest period.

Trailer blowout05Trailer blowout03

Trailer blowout02How was this avoidable?

Blowouts are not random occurrences – they always have a cause. Generally an under-inflated or overloaded tyre puts excessive strain on the tyre sidewall, which overheats and then collapses. A TyrePal system gives warning before this critical stage is reached – often many miles before – so the driver has a good chance of dealing with it before it results in an accident.

In this case, a TyrePal TC215 system would have warned the driver in plenty of time to re-inflate the tyre before both the tyre and wheel were destroyed.

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