Bailey Caravans offer TyrePal TPMS ready as standard fit feature

unicorn-exterior (1) Bailey are the first caravan manufacturer to add tyre pressure monitoring as a standard feature to their new model. Each Unicorn and Pegasus caravan will come “TyrePal TPMS Ready” – internal sensors are factory-fitted inside the wheels.

Bailey Unicorn range is now fully equipped including the monitor, and for the Bailey Pegasus range, all you need to do is purchase a monitor to get peace of mind whilst towing.

Tow safe design

One of Bailey’s themes for this launch is “Tow Safe Design” which encompasses all those factors which can assist the caravan owner to have a safer experience when towing their caravan. Many factors are involved – weight distribution, wheel quality, wheel safety bolts, wheel balancing, quality of tyres etc. One of those factors is tyre pressures, as it is impossible to know what the tyres of a caravan are doing when towing, and tyre pressure monitoring is the only way to be kept informed. Simple problems such as picking up a nail or screw in the tyre can develop into a blow-out if the state of the tyre cannot be monitored whilst driving, and a warning given if things go wrong.

So important is tyre pressure monitoring that from 1 November 2014 all new cars sold in the EU must be fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system. This will not apply to caravans, but Bailey believes that their customers should have this important safety option when purchasing a new caravan, so with this new Unicorn range, Bailey is making the “TyrePal TPMS Ready” tyre pressure monitoring system a factory-fitted feature. Bailey chose TyrePal, a WSL Company, as they are highly regarded in this field and have many years of experience of providing after-market systems to caravans, motorhomes and other vehicles.

What it does

The TyrePal TC215 system continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of the tyres whilst driving, and displays the pressure and temperature of each of the tyres in succession. It gives a clear audible and visible alert in the event of:

  • Air loss (puncture etc.)
  • Low pressure
  • High pressure
  • High temperature

Internal sensors

The internal sensors (powered by long-lasting encapsulated batteries) are fitted inside the wheels so there is no possibility of theft or damage, and nothing has to be removed in order to check tyre pressures. A key benefit of this TyrePal TC215 system is that simply pushing a button allows you to select or deselect caravan monitoring. The monitor, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, automatically shuts down when not in use and reactivates as soon as the vehicle is used.

Insurance discount

Caravan owners who fit a TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring system, are also rewarded by various companies with a discount on their caravan insurance.

Extend to spare wheel or tow car

If the customer wishes to extend the TPMS coverage to include the caravan spare wheel or their towing vehicle, then Tyre Pal can offer an inexpensive and flexible solution which utilises the TC215 monitor but adds external sensors to the car so the whole system becomes totally integrated.


Bailey Caravans offer TyrePal TPMS ready as standard fit feature — 10 Comments

  1. I bought a TyrePal TD-1000AX system for use on the new Bailey Unicorn which I pick up next week. I have since found that it has TyrePal sensors (wish the Salesman had mentioned it). Can the TD-1000AX monitor be used to receive signals from the sensors in my Bailey? If not, can I fit two of the sensors that came with the TD-1000AX on the wheels of the caravan and will the monitor pick up the signals from them?

    • The Tyrepal TD1000 system unfortunately will not pick up signals from the sensors pre-installed in your new caravan wheels as these sensors are designed to work with our new systems, available directly from us. If you wish to use the TD1000 sensors on the caravan wheels the monitor should be able to pick up these sensors and operate normally. There should be no interference between the two sets of sensors.

      Please be aware, however, that the TD1000 system is a legacy part that we no longer fully support, and as such spares are in limited supply should they be required.

  2. I am purchasing a Bailey Caravan with your internal tyre sensors. Because I have an existing Tyre Pal unit which will not connect with the new internal sensors I took advantage of your offer to upgrade my unit which has just been delivered to my home address. Could you please inform me of the process of activating each caravan sensor then the four external car tyre sensors. Many thanks.

    • The monititor and sensor registration set-up is extremely straight forward. The user manual can be downloaded from the TC215B support page.

  3. Hi, Im thinking of buying a Bailey unicorn fitted with a tyrepal system & a Kia Sportage fitted with a different system. Is it possible for one to talk to the other or are they different.

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