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TC215B Reviews — 2 Comments

  1. The result I experienced from using the TB99 which probably saved me from possible danger before joining the motorway convinced me that I should purchase theTC215B for use on my son’s LR discovery and mu double axle Swift caravan (which he tows for us). The purchase, delivery and installation all went without a hitch, as had the TC99 previously so I cannot recommend the TyrePal products enough. The devices are of excellent quality and could save lives (if not already).

  2. Last night I was towing my caravan on the motorway when my TyrePal warned me I had a rapidly deflating tyre. The flashing light and audible alarm were effective and immediately caught my attention. There was not a hint of trouble in terms of noise, vibration or altered handling so I thought the alarm was probably false, however, when I pulled over and checked the tyre was almost flat with a huge hole from a screw that had torn through the crown of the tyre. I suspect that without TyrePal the first warning of trouble would have been the tyre shredding off the rim, and the consequences don’t bear thinking about on a single axle van at motorway speeds. I’d always assumed i’d notice a problem if this happened, but I suspect that having a large tow vehicle and only a very small van masked any alteration in the handling. Seriously thinking about buying sensors for my tow vehicle after the system proved itself so very worthwhile yesterday.

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