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User manuals

User manual and a step-by-step setup guide are available as pdf files. Download below:
TC215B User manual: Download pdf here
TC215B Step-by-step setup guide : Download pdf here
TCRR Signal repeater Download pdf here

If you have TC215B monitor and have purchased a TyrePal TPMS Ready caravan or trailer, you can register the sensors to your existing monitor. The procedure is described in the manual for the TC215OEK monitor


This next troubleshooting video helps diagnose problems by giving some general tips on how TyrePal systems work



TC215B Support — 13 Comments

  1. Hello and regards
    I have a 38 ft Motorhome to which I would like to equip with your System TC215B 10 sensor system
    The Vehicule has 6 Tyres and I would like to Get 8 External Lockable Valve to have an 4 Extra when pulling a trailer
    Also I expect as the Vehicule is long and a Sgnal Repeater would be needed
    Is it also possible to get the VAT removal as The purchased would be made through the Company
    I am based in France

    • Yes, we would recommend using a signal repeater with this set-up.
      You can order from France directly on our web site.
      Prices are shown including VAT, but when you go to the checkout, you have the option to give your European company VAT number. When you have given the number, the charge to your credit card will be calculated without VAT.

  2. Hi
    I have a tyre pal system for my current caravan and it has the screw type sensors, however I’m just about to upgrade my caravan to the new 2016 bailey unicorn which i believe comes with built in sensors, will my tyre pal system work with these or do i need to replace it for a newer model.


    • Hi Thank you for your comment, if it is a TC215B monitor then it will work with the new sensors. You will need to disconnect the current sensors and connect the new internal sensors. If your monitor is a TB99 then unfortunately this model does not work with internal sensors. If you require a manual for this please contact us and we will be happy to send one out to you, for any further information please contact us again

  3. Hello Tony, we are sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your TyrePal product. We would like to contact you directly with the email you have supplied with your comment.

  4. Hi,
    Have just received a repeater from TyrePal as i was not getting a stable transmission from the caravan sensors.
    Have fitted the repeater to the front of the caravan but ther are no instructions how to setup. There is a red light and a button on the unit but what are they for.

    • Thank you for your enquiry, The signal repeater does not need setting up to act as a sensor booster, it works automatically as long as there is power to the repeater. The red light indicates that the power is connected, and the button is used when the signal repeater is used for smart trailer swapping in commercial vehicle situations.

  5. Hi

    I want to fit a tyre pressure monitoring system to my caravan, but not sure which to choose.

    Does tyrepal fit all tyres/valves or only certain ones?

  6. I have one of your systems aTC215B . With 8 sensors I would like to delete two sensor locations as i am changing to a different vehicle. Could you tell me how to do this as I cannot see it any where in the instruction book. Thank you Martin kirby.

    • The simplest way to delete the two unwanted sensor positions is to register the sensors to existing wheel positions. This procedure overwrites the original registration.

    • The sensor batteries normally last up to two years, so it is very unlikely that the batteries are dead so soon. They are probably in ‘sleep’ mode. Note that to extend battery life, the sensors go into a ‘sleep’ mode when the vehicle is not moving. They start to transmit again as the wheels rotate.

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