38 wheel system for heavy haulage

TyrePal have announced a new tyre pressure monitoring system for heavy haulage vehicles. The system can help to avoid breakdowns on the road by checking the pressure and temperature of tyres every twelve seconds. Pressures are displayed on a monitor in the cab and alerts are given for any problems such as an under-inflated tyre, or one that is overstressed and in danger of a blowout. It makes it a simple matter to check all the tyres, including the inside tyres of pairs. Pressure sensors simply screw onto each tyre valve and transmit data to a monitor in the cab, … Continue reading

Avoidable breakdown

Following a tyre failure, a fully loaded agricultural trailer destroyed a rear wheel just outside the TyrePal office yesterday. The driver had been unaware of the problem until the tyre was completely destroyed and came off the wheel. Agricultural trailers are particularly susceptible to punctures and blow-outs because of the seasonal nature of their use during the busy harvest period. How was this avoidable? Blowouts are not random occurrences – they always have a cause. Generally an under-inflated or overloaded tyre puts excessive strain on the tyre sidewall, which overheats and then collapses. A TyrePal system gives warning before this … Continue reading

Trailer fire from blowout closes A47

A trailer fire, believed to be caused by a tyre blowout, caused the A47 to be closed in both directions this afternoon, 23 Sept 2011. The trailer containing about 30 tonnes of potatoes caught fire at 2.10pm on the eastbound carriageway of the road near Peterborough. Two fire crews and the police were called to the blaze and the road remained closed in both directions. Agricultural trailers are particularly susceptible to punctures and blow-outs because of the seasonal nature of their use during the busy harvest period. The risk can be reduced by tyre pressure monitoring systems, and the latest … Continue reading

TyrePal at Burghley

TyrePal will be exhibiting in the Horse Village at the Burghley Horse Trials 1st to 4th September and showing the TyrePal TA22 system which can be used to monitor the tyres on all kinds of horse boxes. Tyre problems are a big issue for horse box owners. Specialist horse transport breakdown provider, Jon Phillips of PHP rescue, says that 30% of horse box and trailer breakdowns are due to tyre problems, and the Horse and Hound forums contain many frightening references to tyre blow outs. The TyrePal system continuously monitors the tyres, even while driving, and sounds an alert for … Continue reading

TyrePal off road in Zambia

This off-road vehicle in Zambia faces extreme conditions, but is fitted with a standard TyrePal system to keep track of tyre pressures. It works well despite being covered in mud, wading through rivers, and even when attempting to rescue a baby elephant! Advanced warning Steve Tolan, Director of Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust in Zambia decided to fit a TyrePal after a friend ‘shredded’ a brand new tyre on their large Swiss-built Pinzgauer 4×4. Under these off-road conditions, a flat tyre is not always obvious from the driving seat and Steve realised that by monitoring tyre pressures, they would have advanced … Continue reading