Downloadable guide on tyre pressure monitoring for caravans

Environmental, safety and economic benefits for caravan owners We have released a new downloadable guide on the benefits of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) used in caravans. This guide details the safety, environmental and economic gains of using a TMPS as well as the specifics of which monitor is appropriate for different caravan types. The guide in PDF format is available for download here. This seven page guide will enable caravan owners to better understand the risks of incorrectly inflated tyres and what can be done to reduce these risks. Some of the most common consequences of wrongly inflated tyres … Continue reading

Tyre blowouts cause 90% of tyre-related caravan insurance claims

Over 90% of tyre-related caravan insurance claims were due to tyre blowouts according to an article published by CaravanGuard – a leading UK insurer of caravans and motorhomes. The full article gives detailed advice on checking and maintaining caravan tyres. See the full article here. As all new cars sold in Europe will be fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems from November 2014, the value of TyrePal TPMS is being recognised more and more throughout the caravan and trailer industry. Several insurance companies offer discount on premiums to owners with TyrePal systems fitted. Bailey Caravans have announced that all their series … Continue reading

Bailey Caravans offer TyrePal TPMS ready as standard fit feature

Bailey are the first caravan manufacturer to add tyre pressure monitoring as a standard feature to their new model. Each Unicorn and Pegasus caravan will come “TyrePal TPMS Ready” – internal sensors are factory-fitted inside the wheels. Bailey Unicorn range is now fully equipped including the monitor, and for the Bailey Pegasus range, all you need to do is purchase a monitor to get peace of mind whilst towing. Tow safe design One of Bailey’s themes for this launch is “Tow Safe Design” which encompasses all those factors which can assist the caravan owner to have a safer experience when … Continue reading

How to check tyre age

Recent fatalities have highlighted the need to check the age of tyres as well as tread depth. This is particularly true for caravans, motorhomes and low-mileage cars, and in fleets where spare tyres may be unused. There’s no specific date beyond which tyres become unsafe, as it depends on conditions of use and storage, but any tyre more than six years old is getting towards the end of its life even if there’s plenty of tread left. After this time, the rubber compounds are starting break down and become brittle, so it’s well worth looking for any sign of cracks … Continue reading

Insurance discount with TyrePal

  Discount on insurance is available for caravans and motorhomes fitted with TyrePal systems. Recognising that tyre problems are one of the biggest causes of claims, several insurers have evaluated the benefits of TyrePal systems and are offering discounts for vehicles fitted with them. TyrePal earns you 5% discount on your insurance premium from Caravan Guard Club Care Crusader Shield Lifesure … Continue reading

Coach crash deaths – coroner calls for tyre age regulation

The Minister for Transport will be receiving a report requesting action on tyre age following a fatal coach crash last year. Three people were killed and others injured when a 52 seat coach operated by Merseypride Travel suffered a tyre blowout on the A3 and crashed into a tree. Surrey coroner Richard Travers said that the “catastrophic failure” of the 19 and half years old tyre had caused the accident and he recorded a verdict of accidental death. The coach was 17 years old and the youngest victim of the crash was just 18, not even as old as the … Continue reading

Connecting and disconnecting a trailer

With TC215 system The TC215 monitor has a ‘LINK’ button that allows you to start or stop monitoring the trailer tyres. When unlinked, the trailer tyres are not shown on the monitor. With TA22 system If you have sensors on both a towing vehicle and a towed trailer such as a caravan or a towed car, when you no longer have the trailer attached the system will recognise this and will show “noS” (no signal) on the display. This can take some time before this appears and during this period the pressures shown for the trailer are those which were … Continue reading

Brilliant retro fit system

“All in all these are a fantastic retro fit addition to any car or motorhome which doesn’t have tyre monitoring as standard, and perfect for us caravan owners to ensure our pride and joy is safe on the road whilst towing.” Review of TyrePal TA22X in UKcampsite The system is very easy to use. My vehicle already has a tyre monitoring system, so I used just two of the sensors on my caravan wheels. I also tested the unit on my classic campervan using all four sensors. The sensors replace the normal dust caps on your car or caravan tyres. … Continue reading

How pleased I am that I bought Tyre Pal

I recently bought a TA22 Tyre Pal at the NEC for my Caravan. This turned out to be the best £110 I had ever spent. Whilst on holiday in Spain this Christmas we were driving on the motorway when the Tyre Pal suddenly lit up and screeched its warning that the pressure to the offside (left) tyre had had a sudden drop. I immediately pulled over onto the hard shoulder. When I checked the tyre it had completely blown. I had checked both tyres before the journey some 30mins previously and all was fine. TYRE PAL saved a nasty incident … Continue reading

What our users say

“I have had a Tyrepal fitted for some time. As a 70+ year old driver it is the best accessory I have. The reassurance I get every time I drive that the tyres are at the correct pressures is brilliant.  Many thanks for a fantastic item.” LTJ “My Son Matthew, for whom I bought the Tyrepal as last year’s Christmas gift is both delighted & impressed with it & please feel free to use this unsolicited testimonial.” PW