Coach crash deaths – coroner calls for tyre age regulation

The Minister for Transport will be receiving a report requesting action on tyre age following a fatal coach crash last year. Three people were killed and others injured when a 52 seat coach operated by Merseypride Travel suffered a tyre blowout on the A3 and crashed into a tree. Surrey coroner Richard Travers said that the “catastrophic failure” of the 19 and half years old tyre had caused the accident and he recorded a verdict of accidental death. The coach was 17 years old and the youngest victim of the crash was just 18, not even as old as the … Continue reading

Minibus tyre blowout

Three people seriously injured At least two people were thrown from a minibus following a suspected tyre blow-out on the M3. Three were seriously injured. Seven others, including two children, were injured. The vehicle, carrying 10 people, crashed on the southbound carriageway between junctions five and six at Old Basing on 24 July 2013. Tyre blowouts are widely considered to be unpredictable, but a TyrePal system can give advanced warning. A tyre invariably overheats before it blows out and the TyrePal system detects the overheating and warns the driver before the blowout or a tyre fire occurs. … Continue reading

Impact of tyre pressure on dual wheels

Mismatched tyre pressures are a real problem for dual wheels. The mismatch results in a change in diameter that makes the larger wheel drag the smaller one and the smaller wheel hold the larger one back. A difference of just 5 psi can change the diameter by as much as 8mm, resulting in the smaller tyre being dragged 1Km for every 130Km travelled. This leads to rapid and irregular wear for both tyres of the pair, as well as increased fuel consumption in overcoming the resistance. Bigger pressure differences put additional load on the larger wheel, increasing the wear rate … Continue reading