Very very scary blowout on Spanish motorway

Unsolicited comment from Pete Dallow Very very scary blowout on Spanish motorway in our motorhome in December. Much more frightening in retrospect, what might have happened? Ordered TyrePal system by email from Portugal. Absolutely brilliant service, great communication, even honoured an out of date discount scheme! Next day delivery to friends in UK, fitted in Portugal, using very comprehensive downloaded set up details. Now working perfectly, real peace of mind. Thank you so much. … Continue reading

How to check tyre age

Recent fatalities have highlighted the need to check the age of tyres as well as tread depth. This is particularly true for caravans, motorhomes and low-mileage cars, and in fleets where spare tyres may be unused. There’s no specific date beyond which tyres become unsafe, as it depends on conditions of use and storage, but any tyre more than six years old is getting towards the end of its life even if there’s plenty of tread left. After this time, the rubber compounds are starting break down and become brittle, so it’s well worth looking for any sign of cracks … Continue reading

Insurance discount with TyrePal

  Discount on insurance is available for caravans and motorhomes fitted with TyrePal systems. Recognising that tyre problems are one of the biggest causes of claims, several insurers have evaluated the benefits of TyrePal systems and are offering discounts for vehicles fitted with them. TyrePal earns you 5% discount on your insurance premium from Caravan Guard Club Care Crusader Shield Lifesure … Continue reading

Brilliant retro fit system

“All in all these are a fantastic retro fit addition to any car or motorhome which doesn’t have tyre monitoring as standard, and perfect for us caravan owners to ensure our pride and joy is safe on the road whilst towing.” Review of TyrePal TA22X in UKcampsite The system is very easy to use. My vehicle already has a tyre monitoring system, so I used just two of the sensors on my caravan wheels. I also tested the unit on my classic campervan using all four sensors. The sensors replace the normal dust caps on your car or caravan tyres. … Continue reading

“Vigilance Necessary – a frightening experience”

After having a super weekend with friends near Preston, we were happily towing our little C1 car on the A-frame behind our motorhome. Unknown to us, one of the tyres had blown or punctured on the towed car. The tyre was completely destroyed and came off the rim; it then started to rub against the fuel inlet pipe, causing it to perish. It was brought to our attention by a couple of passing motorists who indicated there was a problem by pointing to the car. We have a rear camera able to be seen from the dashboard – and still had no … Continue reading

Impact of tyre pressure on dual wheels

Mismatched tyre pressures are a real problem for dual wheels. The mismatch results in a change in diameter that makes the larger wheel drag the smaller one and the smaller wheel hold the larger one back. A difference of just 5 psi can change the diameter by as much as 8mm, resulting in the smaller tyre being dragged 1Km for every 130Km travelled. This leads to rapid and irregular wear for both tyres of the pair, as well as increased fuel consumption in overcoming the resistance. Bigger pressure differences put additional load on the larger wheel, increasing the wear rate … Continue reading

Caravan blow-out

At the recent caravan and motorhome show we were surprised and shocked by the number of people who told us they had personally experienced trailer tyre blowouts. Lucky escape One of our visitors kindly sent us this photograph of his blown out tyre. Towing a single-axle caravan, he was completely unaware of a problem until he stopped.  He was lucky that  there was little damage to his van. Others are not so lucky. A blowout in a single axle trailer almost invariably leads to loss of control, while a  shredded tyre can act like a strimmer and cut through the … Continue reading