Downloadable guide on tyre pressure monitoring for caravans

Environmental, safety and economic benefits for caravan owners We have released a new downloadable guide on the benefits of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) used in caravans. This guide details the safety, environmental and economic gains of using a TMPS as well as the specifics of which monitor is appropriate for different caravan types. The guide in PDF format is available for download here. This seven page guide will enable caravan owners to better understand the risks of incorrectly inflated tyres and what can be done to reduce these risks. Some of the most common consequences of wrongly inflated tyres … Continue reading

The importance of tyre safety

In 2014, tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) became a legal requirement for all new passenger vehicles manufactured in Europe. Maintaining the correct tyre inflation is important for both fuel efficiency and tyre performance, but this legislation is yet to be extended to commercial vehicles, caravans and trailers. Here, Peter Tillotson, business development manager of TyrePal, discusses the lack of TPMS regulation for alternative vehicles and the impact it is having on fuel consumption, breakdown costs and driver safety. Fuel economy is a prominent issue for any driver. Low tyre pressure means more friction on the road, hence less efficiency. Too … Continue reading

Trailer check

TyrePal solves tyre inflation problems for HGV freight trailers British firm TyrePal is launching a new tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to help OEM trailer builders and trailer fleet operators tackle the problem of tyre blowouts on HGV freight trailers. The TyrePal trailer TPMS indicator consists of TyrePal sensors on each tyre and a robust indicator that can be mounted inside or outside the trailer. The indicator can operate independently of the truck to provide an immediate visual and audible alert when the sensors report rapid pressure loss, tyre overheating, under-inflation or over-inflation. “Due to the weight distribution and design … Continue reading

Reduce repair, fuel and breakdown costs with TPMS

TyrePal releases infographic explaining the benefits of TPMS Tyre pressure monitoring specialist, TyrePal, has published an infographic explaining the repair, fuel and breakdown savings that can be made by using a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The infographic also features surprising statistics on the amount of fuel used as a result of mechanical friction and aerodynamic resistance. The asset can be downloaded, free of charge, as a PDF file here. 33 per cent of a fully-loaded heavy goods vehicle’s fuel usage can be traced back to overcoming the rolling resistance of tyres, but this increases if tyres are under-inflated. If … Continue reading

Very very scary blowout on Spanish motorway

Unsolicited comment from Pete Dallow Very very scary blowout on Spanish motorway in our motorhome in December. Much more frightening in retrospect, what might have happened? Ordered TyrePal system by email from Portugal. Absolutely brilliant service, great communication, even honoured an out of date discount scheme! Next day delivery to friends in UK, fitted in Portugal, using very comprehensive downloaded set up details. Now working perfectly, real peace of mind. Thank you so much. … Continue reading

Fleet wide tyre pressure monitoring with TeleTPMS

TyrePal TeleTPMS enables the fleet manager to monitor all tyres in the fleet from a central location without relying on individual drivers. With tyres correctly inflated, fuel economy improves, the danger of breakdown is reduced and tyre life is extended. Tyre failure is one of the biggest causes of breakdown in commercial vehicle fleets, because punctures often go unnoticed until a breakdown occurs. TyrePal TeleTPMS gives a clear alert for any problem, so the issue can be dealt with before it causes serious damage, disruption or even a tyre fire. The system not only checks while the vehicle is in … Continue reading