Downloadable guide on tyre pressure monitoring for caravans

Environmental, safety and economic benefits for caravan owners We have released a new downloadable guide on the benefits of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) used in caravans. This guide details the safety, environmental and economic gains of using a TMPS as well as the specifics of which monitor is appropriate for different caravan types. The guide in PDF format is available for download here. This seven page guide will enable caravan owners to better understand the risks of incorrectly inflated tyres and what can be done to reduce these risks. Some of the most common consequences of wrongly inflated tyres … Continue reading

Reduce repair, fuel and breakdown costs with TPMS

TyrePal releases infographic explaining the benefits of TPMS Tyre pressure monitoring specialist, TyrePal, has published an infographic explaining the repair, fuel and breakdown savings that can be made by using a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The infographic also features surprising statistics on the amount of fuel used as a result of mechanical friction and aerodynamic resistance. The asset can be downloaded, free of charge, as a PDF file here. 33 per cent of a fully-loaded heavy goods vehicle’s fuel usage can be traced back to overcoming the rolling resistance of tyres, but this increases if tyres are under-inflated. If … Continue reading

Six ways that TyrePal reduces fleet costs

Analysis of fleet costs by TyrePal show that thousands of pounds can be saved by effective tyre pressure monitoring, but these savings are often under-estimated. Saving fuel Fuel use increases dramatically if tyres are under-inflated, so maintaining correct pressures is really important. 10% under-inflation leads to a 1% increase in fuel use. TyrePal sensors check pressure and temperature every few seconds while the vehicle is in use, and adjustable alert levels mean that a clear warning is given for any divergence from the optimum pressures. TeleTPMS empowers managers to control tyre pressures and can result in year on year fuel … Continue reading

Very very scary blowout on Spanish motorway

Unsolicited comment from Pete Dallow Very very scary blowout on Spanish motorway in our motorhome in December. Much more frightening in retrospect, what might have happened? Ordered TyrePal system by email from Portugal. Absolutely brilliant service, great communication, even honoured an out of date discount scheme! Next day delivery to friends in UK, fitted in Portugal, using very comprehensive downloaded set up details. Now working perfectly, real peace of mind. Thank you so much. … Continue reading

Insurance discount with TyrePal

  Discount on insurance is available for caravans and motorhomes fitted with TyrePal systems. Recognising that tyre problems are one of the biggest causes of claims, several insurers have evaluated the benefits of TyrePal systems and are offering discounts for vehicles fitted with them. TyrePal earns you 5% discount on your insurance premium from Caravan Guard Club Care Crusader Shield Lifesure … Continue reading

New guidance but no new tyre age legislation

The Department for Transport now strongly recommends that tyres over 10 years old should not be fitted to front steered axles of public service vehicles, but says they can be fitted to the rear axles of vehicles as part of a twin tyre combination. The advice falls short of the call for a legal limit by some campaigners. The guidance is in response to the report from coroner Richard Travers, following the fatal coach crash on the A3 in September 2012 and is included in a document entitled “Guidance on the use of older tyres on buses and coaches” recently … Continue reading

Blowout crash kills two teenagers on M1

Two teenage girls died after a car left the M1 and crashed into trees on the embankment. The girls, aged 14 and 18, were killed after the vehicle left the northbound carriageway of the motorway between junctions 19 and 20 on 4th January. The car, a black Vauxhall Astra, was travelling northbound when it left the carriageway and hit trees on the embankment at the side of the motorway. The driver and a passenger were treated in hospital for minor injuries and the northbound carriageway was closed between the two junctions while firefighters made the area safe and officers from … Continue reading

Avoidable breakdown

Following a tyre failure, a fully loaded agricultural trailer destroyed a rear wheel just outside the TyrePal office yesterday. The driver had been unaware of the problem until the tyre was completely destroyed and came off the wheel. Agricultural trailers are particularly susceptible to punctures and blow-outs because of the seasonal nature of their use during the busy harvest period. How was this avoidable? Blowouts are not random occurrences – they always have a cause. Generally an under-inflated or overloaded tyre puts excessive strain on the tyre sidewall, which overheats and then collapses. A TyrePal system gives warning before this … Continue reading

Coach crash deaths – coroner calls for tyre age regulation

The Minister for Transport will be receiving a report requesting action on tyre age following a fatal coach crash last year. Three people were killed and others injured when a 52 seat coach operated by Merseypride Travel suffered a tyre blowout on the A3 and crashed into a tree. Surrey coroner Richard Travers said that the “catastrophic failure” of the 19 and half years old tyre had caused the accident and he recorded a verdict of accidental death. The coach was 17 years old and the youngest victim of the crash was just 18, not even as old as the … Continue reading

Minibus tyre blowout

Three people seriously injured At least two people were thrown from a minibus following a suspected tyre blow-out on the M3. Three were seriously injured. Seven others, including two children, were injured. The vehicle, carrying 10 people, crashed on the southbound carriageway between junctions five and six at Old Basing on 24 July 2013. Tyre blowouts are widely considered to be unpredictable, but a TyrePal system can give advanced warning. A tyre invariably overheats before it blows out and the TyrePal system detects the overheating and warns the driver before the blowout or a tyre fire occurs. … Continue reading