Tyre blowout

What causes a tyre blowout? Tyre blow outs don’t just happen. They are invariably caused by a tyre being over-stressed. Heat builds up, the side-wall begins to de-laminate and eventually,  the tyre bursts. In some cases, the tyre can even catch fire. The original cause might have been damage to the side-wall, a slow puncture or an overloaded tyre making the tyre flex excessively. How to prevent a blowout Checking tyre condition is vitally important, but it can’t save you from problems picked up during a journey.  For this, you need the temperature and pressure of your tyres to be … Continue reading

Blowout causes chemical fire and motorway closure

The M6 was closed in both directions and motorists were evacuated from their cars when a chemical tanker caught fire near Coventry on 12 December 2012. Fire fighters put a 1Km exclusion zone around the incident and ten people, including the tanker driver were treated in hospital. The motorway remained closed for hours. The fire was reported to have been caused by a tyre blowout. Tyre blowouts are widely considered to be unpredictable, but a TyrePal system can give advanced warning. A tyre invariably overheats before it blows out and the TyrePal system detects the overheating and warns the driver … Continue reading

How pleased I am that I bought Tyre Pal

I recently bought a TA22 Tyre Pal at the NEC for my Caravan. This turned out to be the best £110 I had ever spent. Whilst on holiday in Spain this Christmas we were driving on the motorway when the Tyre Pal suddenly lit up and screeched its warning that the pressure to the offside (left) tyre had had a sudden drop. I immediately pulled over onto the hard shoulder. When I checked the tyre it had completely blown. I had checked both tyres before the journey some 30mins previously and all was fine. TYRE PAL saved a nasty incident … Continue reading

M2 Incident – 30 seconds to flat

I am pleased to endorse this product as I feel the incident that happened to me could have been so much worse and yet all ended up perfectly safe. The cost of the TyrePal paying for itself in both monetary terms and safety terms is due to this one incident. I am a retired traffic police officer and I am only too well aware of the problems that can be caused by unexpected blow-outs on trailers. On the car one usually feels the problem pretty quickly; on a trailer the first indication can be far too late to prevent damage … Continue reading

Trailer fire from blowout closes A47

A trailer fire, believed to be caused by a tyre blowout, caused the A47 to be closed in both directions this afternoon, 23 Sept 2011. The trailer containing about 30 tonnes of potatoes caught fire at 2.10pm on the eastbound carriageway of the road near Peterborough. Two fire crews and the police were called to the blaze and the road remained closed in both directions. Agricultural trailers are particularly susceptible to punctures and blow-outs because of the seasonal nature of their use during the busy harvest period. The risk can be reduced by tyre pressure monitoring systems, and the latest … Continue reading

“Vigilance Necessary – a frightening experience”

After having a super weekend with friends near Preston, we were happily towing our little C1 car on the A-frame behind our motorhome. Unknown to us, one of the tyres had blown or punctured on the towed car. The tyre was completely destroyed and came off the rim; it then started to rub against the fuel inlet pipe, causing it to perish. It was brought to our attention by a couple of passing motorists who indicated there was a problem by pointing to the car. We have a rear camera able to be seen from the dashboard – and still had no … Continue reading

Blowout closes M25, critically injures 3

A lorry tyre blowout was blamed for the horrible crash on the M25 between junctions 7-8 that left three people seriously injured and the motorway closed on Friday 5th August. 30 mile tailbacks continued into the weekend while lanes were closed for recovery and repair work. It is very unusual for the cause of a road accident to be released immediately, but the press and TV news  widely reported the police spokesman who stated that the accident was caused by a tyre blowout. In spite of the under-reporting, statistics show that tyre problems are the number one cause of vehicle … Continue reading

Soft tyres cause accidents and breakdowns

Hundreds of people are killed or seriously injured in the UK every year in accidents caused by tyre failure. And tyre problems are one of the biggest causes of roadside breakdowns. … TyrePal can help you: See tyre problems before they occur Optimise tyre performance Save fuel Extend tyre life Reduce CO2 emissions Blowouts don’t just happen Blowouts nearly always start with a puncture or soft tyre. Then the tyre wall overheats and disintegrates. It’s easy to pick up a puncture, but it needn’t turn into a blow-out. A TyrePal can warn you before it gets critical.   … Continue reading