Reduce repair, fuel and breakdown costs with TPMS

TyrePal releases infographic explaining the benefits of TPMS Tyre pressure monitoring specialist, TyrePal, has published an infographic explaining the repair, fuel and breakdown savings that can be made by using a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The infographic also features surprising statistics on the amount of fuel used as a result of mechanical friction and aerodynamic resistance. The asset can be downloaded, free of charge, as a PDF file here. 33 per cent of a fully-loaded heavy goods vehicle’s fuel usage can be traced back to overcoming the rolling resistance of tyres, but this increases if tyres are under-inflated. If … Continue reading

Blowout causes chemical fire and motorway closure

The M6 was closed in both directions and motorists were evacuated from their cars when a chemical tanker caught fire near Coventry on 12 December 2012. Fire fighters put a 1Km exclusion zone around the incident and ten people, including the tanker driver were treated in hospital. The motorway remained closed for hours. The fire was reported to have been caused by a tyre blowout. Tyre blowouts are widely considered to be unpredictable, but a TyrePal system can give advanced warning. A tyre invariably overheats before it blows out and the TyrePal system detects the overheating and warns the driver … Continue reading

Trailer fire from blowout closes A47

A trailer fire, believed to be caused by a tyre blowout, caused the A47 to be closed in both directions this afternoon, 23 Sept 2011. The trailer containing about 30 tonnes of potatoes caught fire at 2.10pm on the eastbound carriageway of the road near Peterborough. Two fire crews and the police were called to the blaze and the road remained closed in both directions. Agricultural trailers are particularly susceptible to punctures and blow-outs because of the seasonal nature of their use during the busy harvest period. The risk can be reduced by tyre pressure monitoring systems, and the latest … Continue reading