Fleet wide tyre pressure monitoring with TeleTPMS

Monitoring tyre pressure from fleet office

Monitoring tyre pressures from fleet office

HGV breakdown

Helps to reduce breakdowns

Tanker fire caused by blowout

Monitors temperature as well as pressure

TyrePal TeleTPMS enables the fleet manager to monitor all tyres in the fleet from a central location without relying on individual drivers.

With tyres correctly inflated, fuel economy improves, the danger of breakdown is reduced and tyre life is extended.

Tyre failure is one of the biggest causes of breakdown in commercial vehicle fleets, because punctures often go unnoticed until a breakdown occurs.

TyrePal TeleTPMS gives a clear alert for any problem, so the issue can be dealt with before it causes serious damage, disruption or even a tyre fire.

The system not only checks while the vehicle is in motion, but continues to check while parked, so the current status of tyres is available before the vehicle is loaded.


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