This can save you money and could save your life!

TyrePal tyre pressure monitor

TyrePal TB99

A neat new tyre pressure monitoring system from TyrePal checks your tyres every six seconds while you are driving and gives a clear visible and audible alert for any problem.

You can see at a glance whether your tyres are correctly inflated, and the system warns you immediately if you get a puncture or if a tyre is overstressed and in danger of a blowout.

Tyre defects contribute to 3% of motorway accidents and they are the most common vehicle faults contributing to accidents, so keeping track of tyre pressures could literally save your life!  It can also save you money because tyre pressure is such an important factor in fuel use and tyre wear. Just 6psi under-inflation increases fuel consumption by 6% and reduces tyre life by 30%.

TyrePal sensor on tyre valve

Sensor screws to tyre valve

Sensors on each tyre check the pressure and temperature every six seconds and transmit the data to the monitor that continuously displays the pressure for each tyre. If you get a puncture, or if tyre pressures or temperatures go outside your set levels, the system gives you a clear warning.

The new TyrePal is really quick to set up. Just plug the monitor into the lighter socket to charge the battery, screw the sensors onto the tyre valves in place of the standard dust caps and the system immediately shows you your tyre pressures. There’s no wiring, no programming and no need to remove the tyres or rebalance the wheels.

TB99 is smaller, neater and cheaper than earlier models. The TyrePal monitor sits discretely on a glueless mounting pad and comes with a charger lead that plugs into a 12V cigarette lighter socket. A full charge lasts 28 hours (two weeks at two hours driving per day), so there’s no need for it to be permanently plugged in. The new generation sensors are powered by replaceable batteries that last up to two years and a locking screw on each sensor prevents casual theft.

The system comes with four sensors, and you can monitor the spare tyre as well with an additional sensor. It is suitable for cars, SUVs and vans and works up to a maximum pressure of 99psi. Pressure can be displayed in psi or bar and temperature in °C or °F.

The new TyrePal system is available now from stock in the UK, with prices starting at just £135 + £4.95 carriage including VAT.

Order now from TyrePal: e-mail:   Tel: 01780 755490

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