Tyre pressure monitoring for caravans

If you are towing a caravan, tyre pressures are particularly important as you can’t get any feel or visual idea for what your tyres are doing whilst you are driving.

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Towing a caravan

A TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring system keeps you in touch with your tyres and can be set up for just the caravan or for all the wheels on the towed rig.

The systems recommended below can used on all car/caravan/motorhome combinations including:

  • Single axle caravan
  • Four wheel caravan (twin-axle)
  • Caravan plus caravan spare tyre
  • Tow car plus caravan
  • Large or small motorhomes

TC215B – Recommended tyre pressure monitoring system for caravans

Display shows only the tyres where sensors are registered

TyrePal TC215B constantly scrolls through all the wheel positions being monitored and displays both pressure and temperature. Clear diagnostic alerts are given when appropriate.

It features an easy link button that quickly establishes a data link between the monitor and trailer tyres. Pushing the button again drops the link. See more product details here.TC215B is based on our successful heavy duty system for HGVs, but uses compact sensors for tyre pressures up to 99psi. Systems are available to monitor two or more tyres.

TC215B Tyre pressure monitoring system with compact external sensors is optimised for caravans and trailers. Order on line now at our TyrePal consumer website

Large vehicles

For large vehicles where the distance from the sensors to the monitor is more than about 7.5 metres, signals may not be reliably received by the monitor. In this case, a booster or signal repeater is required. This is not normally necessary for a car or SUV towing a caravan but it can be purchased separately if required.  For details of systems for RVs and large motorhomes click here.

Standard feature on Bailey Unicorn

With the launch of the new third generation Unicorn range, Bailey become the first caravan manufacturer to add tyre pressure monitoring as a standard feature to their new model. Each Unicorn caravan will come “TyrePal TPMS Ready” – internal sensors are factory-fitted inside the wheels and all the owner has to do is purchase a monitor to get peace of mind whilst towing.