TPMS for Cars

Hundreds of people are killed or seriously injured in the UK every year in accidents caused by tyre failure.

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A TyrePal system warns you when things are going wrong.

It checks your tyre pressure and temperature every six seconds and warns you if you have a puncture or a soft tyre.

Blowout warning

Stressed tyres overheat before they blow out. TyrePal warns you of an overheating tyre.

Improved performance

Correct pressures improve road-holding and reduce braking distances.

Saves you money – reduces CO2 emissions

Correct tyre pressures save you money by reducing tyre wear and fuel consumption, leading to less CO2 emissions.

TyrePal external TPMS sensor

TB99 sensor on tyre valve

How it works

Valve-cap sensors continuously measure the pressure and temperature of the tyres and transmit the information wirelessly to a monitor where it is displayed and updated within seconds of any change.

What it tells you

The system continuously displays the pressure of all the tyres. Temperature can be displayed by pressing a button. Alerts sound if a pressure falls below a pre-set level or if a tyre temperature rises above a set level. A leak or puncture triggers an immediate alarm.

2-minute installation – no wiring

Just screw the sensors onto the tyres in place of the existing valve caps and the system immediately displays your tyre pressures. You can set the alert levels to suit your car. To order on line, please go to our TyrePal consumer website. 


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