TPMS for commercials

TyrePal tpms saves fuel and saves tyres!  It reduces breakdowns and accidents!


Saving fuel and tyres

Commercial tyre pressures

Checking while in motion

One third of HGV fuel is used in overcoming rolling resistance, and this increases dramatically if tyres are under-inflated.

Excessive tyre wear and ruined casings are another costly result of incorrect inflation.

TyrePal TC215 checks tyre pressures every six seconds while the vehicle is moving, and gives clear alerts for any problem.

The system helps you ensure that tyres are always correctly inflated.

Reducing breakdowns and accidents

HGV breakdown

Reduces breakdowns

TyrePal doesn’t just check tyre pressures, it checks tyre temperature as well.

Tanker fire caused by blowout

M6 Tanker fire caused by blowout

Whether it’s a slow puncture, a potential fire or an impending blowout from a stressed tyre, a clear and immediate alert is given, so issues can be dealt with safely and with minimum disruption to the journey.

TyrePal’s temperature and pressure monitoring reduces the risk of a blowout, a roadside breakdown or even a tyre fire.

Keeps on checking while parked

Quicker walk-round checks

Quicker walk-round checks

Unlike other systems, TyrePal TC215 continues to check tyres every hour while the vehicle is parked. The display updates as soon as it is restarted, so the current condition is always shown.

This saves time on walk-around checks and ensures that the pressure of inner tyres is not overlooked.

How it works

Sensors on each tyre continuously measure the pressure and temperature of the tyres. If there’s a problem, they transmit an alert signal to a monitor in the cab which gives a visual and audible alert, showing the wheel location, the pressure and clear details of the problem.

Diagnostic alerts

TyePal systems vary in detail, but they all give the following alerts as a minimum:

  • Rapid air loss (potential blow-out)
  • Low pressure
  • High pressure
  • High temperature

Systems carry out regular self-diagnostic tests and give an alert if anything needs attention.

 Suitable for all kinds of vehicle

TyrePal tpms systems are available for all kinds of vehicle. The main product for commercial vehicles is the Heavy Duty TC215 system. This is recommended for buses, rigid lorries, artics, trailers and construction vehicles.

Intelligent trailer monitoring

Smart transceivers allow each trailer in a fleet to have its own ID and alert levels. A push button on the monitor enables or disables trailer monitoring. For more details about this, see our product pages for TC215 system.

Remote or in-cab fleet solutions

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