TPMS for motorhomes

However large your RV, you can monitor the pressure and temperature of all your tyres – and even include the tyres on a towed car.

Large motorhomeCampervanThis not only warns you if you get a puncture, it helps to save fuel by making sure your tyres are always running at the optimum pressure, and can actually save you from a blowout by giving you warning of the tyre overheating before a blowout occurs.

TyrePal sensors on each tyre measure the pressure and temperature every few seconds and transmit data to the monitor in the cab so that a warning can be provided when things are going wrong.

The systems are simply set up for your particular vehicle, whether a four-wheel camper van or a large motorhome towing a trailer or car. TyrePal sensors simply replace the standard dust caps on the tyres and can be locked in position, so they can easily be fitted by the user without removing the tyres.

Four or Six wheels – Solar Colour

Camper vans and 4-wheel motorhomes can use our brilliant solar-powered systems, Solar 4 or Solar 6. These systems continuously display the pressure of all the tyres and temperature can be displayed by pressing a button. Alerts sound if a pressure falls below a pre-set level or if a tyre temperature rises above a set level. A leak or puncture triggers an immediate alarm. Order directly from the  TyrePal consumer website.

More wheels – TC215B system

motorhome towing isolated

TyrePal TC215B can monitor up to 22 tyres on the motorhome and a towed car or trailer if required. It constantly scrolls through all the wheel positions being monitored and displays both pressure and temperature. Clear diagnostic alerts are given when appropriate.

It features an easy link button that quickly establishes a data link between the monitor and trailer tyres. Pushing the button again drops the link. See more product details here.

Tyre pressure monitor

Tyre pressure monitoring system for up to 22 tyres

TC215B is based on our successful heavy duty system for HGVs, but uses compact sensors for tyre pressures up to 99psi. Systems are available to monitor two or more tyres.

System stability for large rigs is improved by a signal booster or repeater that increases the transmission distance from the the sensors to the monitor. This is normally recommend if the maximum distance from sensor to monitor exceeds about 7.5 metres.

TC215B Tyre pressure monitoring system with compact external sensors is optimised for motorhomes with or without trailers. See full details here, or go to our TyrePal consumer website to order directly

Large vehicles

For large vehicles where the distance from the sensors to the monitor is more than about 7.5 metres, signals may not be reliably received by the monitor. In this case, a booster or signal repeater is required. Order directly on our TyrePal consumer website